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I am a professionally qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and supervisor, and a fully accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).  I work within the IACP code of ethics and practice - for information on the IACP their website is www.iacp.ie.   
I hold an honors degree in counselling and psychotherapy from PCI College in Dublin (www.pcicollege.ie), which is accredited with Middlesex University in the UK and is recognised and accredited with the IACP.  I hold an MA degree in Women’s Studies with UCD (www.ucd.ie/socialjustice/womensstudies).  The learning from this postgraduate degree informs my counselling work, including work around sexuality and relationship issues, gender, and recognition of personal responsibility and possibility for change in social justice and equality issues.  I also have a Diploma in Suicide Studies, a Diploma in Group Therapy and a Postgraduate Diploma in Supervision and Reflective Practice.  In 2017 - 2020 I researched the impact of childhood sexual abuse and of working with adults who were abused in childhood.  In 2020 I made the decision not to take the research further in part because of ethical issues which would arise if conducting research with adults who have not previously disclosed their abuse.  I continue to read in this area and work with adults who were abused in my therapy practice.
I have experience in working with a wide range of issues and I follow a practice of continuous professional development (CPD) and personal development to expand my resources and enrich my work.  In addition to attending IACP workshops and meetings for counsellors and supervisors, in 2017 and 2018 I worked on preparing a premises in Santry to open as a holistic therapy centre and finally moved my therapy practice into the new centre in June 2019.  Since then a number of therapists have come to work here - see the webpage 256swordsroadholistic.ie for information on therapies available.  At the moment I am holding my psychotherapy client practice and working as manager of he holistic therapy centre 256 Swords Road.  

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